The Council Consults: Fio & Zoe, Sisters & Best Friends

By Tessa Mendez

The Council Consults: Fio & Zoe, Sisters & Best Friends

These two blew into our lives quite as suddenly as they are about to leave. You would have seen them, always throwing shapes with such wild abandon. Fio & Zoe are two inexplicably beautiful sisters - on the inside and out - that stole our hearts during their brief stay in Singapore.

You won't see a closer pair; the two look like twins and act like best friends, with a bond so strong it would be impossible to replicate.

As they gear up for the next chapter of their lives, with Fio heading off on a quick tour of Southeast Asia, and Zoe heading back to Switzerland to complete her studies, we say goodbye the only way we know how: by inviting them to share some of their favourite songs and memories for this week's edition of The Council Consults.

Fio: When we arrived in Singapore, I asked Zoe, "What is Techno," because she told me she wanted to go to Headquarters. To me, Techno was a foreign concept. However, after Zoe introduced it to me, my love for the music quickly grew. I have spent this last month in Singapore going to HQ at least twice a week and I feel at home when I’m there!

This track by Gerd Janson & Shan, takes me back to two separate nights; The first would be when Demuja was playing, HQ was crowded and I could see the smiles on everyone’s faces as he played a magical set. The second would be when Hunee played at the open-air car park. The atmosphere in the space was unbelievable - an amazingly talented DJ playing in such an unusual location. The added bonus was that there was pizza!

Zoe: I am so grateful that I had discovered Headquarters shortly after my arrival in Singapore. HQ gave me so much, it is a magical place that holds many precious memories for me. This track, Whipped Cream by Homework - well, I recall hearing this as the last song played by Atish before he closed his set and this song - this song is really something. After such a magical night with great vibes all around, I was desperately searching for this song for a week, and when I finally found it I was delighted.

Fio: This song will stay in my heart as the memory of my last Saturday night at Headquarters. Walking into HQ was like entering a bubble of love and happiness; as I walked around and danced all night, at each turn, every person I saw was a friend. After the lights came on, Kong & Gratts continued playing for another half an hour, and we were all dancing in a room full of bright light, absolutely loving it.

Zoe: It's hard to explain what this bright and happy song means to me; to me it is a whole experience, it makes me smile, it reminds me of what HQ is: a place of love, care, friendship, where family is always present for each other. Eileen, you are a Queen, and I am waiting to see you again in Europe!

Fio: One memory that I will cherish from Headquarters for a lifetime, is when Zoe & I heard this song come on. We were sure we knew that song but couldn’t remember what it is. Once we realized it was the one and only Mr Brightside by The Killers. I immediately ran over and hugged Zoe, holding her hand and dancing throughout the song.

Zoé: I looked at Fio, saw her dancing, and couldn’t stop looking at her. She is the most beautiful human I know and I am blessed to have been able to share all these moments with my sister.

With much love, from all of us at The Council, stay beautiful, keep your chins up, Keep Dancing and maybe we'll see you again back at home.