The Council Consults: Jordan, Changing Your Tune

By Tessa Mendez

The Council Consults: Jordan, Changing Your Tune

It's about that time of year where people come together & make merry as the festivities chime in, and for one of our favourite dancing monsters, this time of the year marked the discovery of a new world of music.

A year ago as Christmas approached, a friendly, quirky giant hailing all the way from New Zealand stumbled across our humble abode, and wound up rearranging his taste in music and reigniting his passion for dancing; the amicable Jordan - sometimes known as the Kiwi in a sarong - shares his playlist for this week's edition of The Council Consults. 

"The eternal search for a good dance led me to techno last Christmas when I followed my wonderful friends to catch Tijana T. at CATO. That actually sparked my love for the genre, which was quickly cemented two weeks later at Headquarters," Jordan shares about his discovery of our Boat Quay haunt.

Coming from a town that had slightly over 3,000 residents, Jordan spent his formative years listening to punk, drum & bass and hip hop, before breaking into Indie music and other alternative music scenes. Upon moving to our little red dot, he was introduced to several people who opened up a whole new world of music for him.

"My house & techno taste buds are super fresh, and I'm always too far down the dancing rabbit hole to Shazam a song, so here are a few songs that I've put together across my hunt that I hope you will enjoy," Jordan shares about his playlist, "Connan Mockasin is a kid from where I went to university, and I love the way Forever Dolphin Love is such a funked up tune."

Let Jordan share his discovery of music with you through this playlist as you gear up for the closing of another year of debauchery, and if you're looking for a place to dance into the New Year, the doors at Headquarters (now spanning across two floors!) are always open for you.