The Council Consults: Reza, Mystic Island Playlist

By Tessa Mendez

The Council Consults: Reza, Mystic Island Playlist

They say that art is born out of an attempt to bring order out of chaos, and for Reza that is a key concept that is reflected in his works. A motion graphics artist since 2005 with a self-professed penchant for the collage style of “noisy chaotic textured visuals”, you might have seen his quirky illustration printed on The Council’s tote bag, as well as his visual motion graphics at Zouk Singapore, Super0 Festival, CATO and Camp Kilo x Commoner Creatures events.

Having just returned from a quick getaway - first, to the city of love and romance, Paris, where he frolicked through The Peacock Society (“with a God-awful crowd”, he laments), after which he rolled on into the techno-mecca of Berlin, Berghain to catch Ryan Elliot at Panorama Bar - Reza is currently preparing for his first-ever solo showcase titled, 'Mystic Island', where he will be showing a broad range of work across various mediums spanning ink on paper and ceramics, gouache on paper, and digital prints on cotton and silk textiles.

Ever-inspired by sacred geometries, religious symbolisms and structures, 'Mystic Island' will feature his works that were born out of all the spiritual encounters he has had in Asia. Expect to see chaos laced with his depictions of dealings with spiritual individuals & healers, numerologists, "suan ming" (Chinese fortune tellers), as well as old folk tales of myths and legends from our mysterious little red dot.

“I try to illustrate some of the stories I’ve encountered with visuals of how I perceive them, keeping it simple, fun and accessible for people to understand,” he shares. “As this is my first solo show, I would like to take the opportunity to let go of all the stories that I have encountered to allow space for a new chapter to be opened, hence a lot of my works will be available for purchase at this trunk show.

'Mystic Island' will be showcased at the UltraSuperNew exhibition space at 13 Bussorah St from 3 to 12 August, and The Council residents Yadin Moha and Cats On Crack will be putting on the tunes for the debut party on 3 August from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

This week, Reza digs through his collection of music, pulling out some of his favourite tracks heard at Panorama Bar, as well as some all-time-favourites, to put together a tracklist for The Council Consults.