New Dimensions: Muto Masashi

New Dimensions: Muto Masashi

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*** Please note that tickets are sold in bundles of 5 only. ***


⟡⟡⟡ SHOW TIME ⟡⟡⟡

Date: 06 February
Time: 06.00pm to 08.00pm


* Doors will open 1 hour before the show.



“From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of New Dimensions in time and space. These are the stories of the future, adventures in which you’ll live in a million could-be years, on a thousand may-be worlds…”

Driven by our belief that music should not just be heard, but it should also be felt, New Dimensions is designed to be an immersive art experience made for a live audience. Motivated by a fundamental desire for mystery and transcendence, we will bring together light & motion graphic artists, and pair their works with soundscapes from selected musicians to create a temporary zone made for the collective goal of deep listening.

Join us on this journey to seek out a place where we can find peace amidst the chaos. Let the soundscapes take you travelling without moving… It’s time to get out of your mind and explore New Dimensions with us.


⟡⟡⟡ TICKET ⟡⟡⟡

$80 per ticket, sold in a bundle of 5
Includes a beverage pack



⟡⟡⟡ NOTE ⟡⟡⟡

Due to prevailing Covid-19 regulations and Safe Management Measures, please note that each show is limited to 40 seats only. Tickets are sold in bundles of 5, and ticket holders are to stay to their assigned seating arrangements for the entire duration of the show.

We will be imposing a no-photo, no-video policy for all shows. We will be taping up your camera lenses before you enter the show.

Please note that there will be no entry to the show without a valid ticket. The management reserves the right to refuse entry at its own discretion. Any guest found in violation of the rules will be asked to leave the event.


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