Plastik Dreams presents Peggy Gou

Plastik Dreams presents Peggy Gou


With a sound that sits somewhere between Detroit, London and Berlin, Peggy Gou's DJ sets are a assured, kinetic combination of dark, pulsing house and techno, broken beats and abstract compositions. Step into a dream with Peggy as she shows us what they’re made of. 

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The Council Consults

The Council Consults: Ray, Addicted to Music

There are moments on the dance floor where the beat peaks, and you find yourself enthralled by euphoria, chills running through your body. As the song comes to a close, and the lights flip on, you find yourself craving more....

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The Council Consults: Kevin, The Beat Usagi

Dance music production in the local scene is rare but not unheard of – so when we come across a gem of an artist that puts his nose to the grindstone to churn out tracks for us to groove to...

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The Council Consults: Chantel, Another Fond Farewell

Another farewell is on the tip of our tongues - how do we keep doing this? We'll hold on to the memories, hugs & kisses on the dancefloor, blurry pictures of silly shenanigans, and we'll hold you fondly in our hearts. ...

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