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Ulysses has been DJ-ing for close to two decades now, yet he remains a devoted student, eagerly discovering new sounds as he scours the world (or just Discogs these days) for records. The crate-digger is just as likely to throw...

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Shane O'Neill

We’ve just welcomed this Irish-native to The Council’s growing roster of resident DJs back in June, and now it's time to give Shane O’Neill a proper introduction. With over two decades of playtime under his belt, Shane has taken the time...

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Daryl C

As house music reigns supreme this month with the likes of Luca Lozano, Christopher Rau, Jasper James and many more making their Singapore debut at The Council, we’ve roped in one of our favourite house selectors, Daryl C, to lay...

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The Council Consults

The Council Consults: Anvesh, Never Alone in Music

Moving to a completely new country can be daunting, especially when you're not entirely convinced about the music scene you'll be delving into. For our next playlist, we consult Anvesh, who - having lived and immersed himself in the bustling...

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The Council Consults: Fio & Zoe, Sisters & Best Friends

These two blew into our lives quite as suddenly as they are about to leave. You would have seen them, always throwing shapes with such wild abandon. Fio & Zoe are two inexplicably beautiful sisters - on the inside and...

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The Council Consults: Jordan, Changing Your Tune

It's about that time of year where people come together & make merry as the festivities chime in, and for one of our favourite dancing monsters, this time of the year marked the discovery of a new world of music. A year ago...

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