The Council Consults: Anvesh, Never Alone in Music

By Tessa Mendez

The Council Consults: Anvesh, Never Alone in Music

Moving to a completely new country can be daunting, especially when you're not entirely convinced about the music scene you'll be delving into.

For our next playlist, we consult Anvesh, who - having lived and immersed himself in the bustling music scene in Mumbai for 10 years - took a leap of faith and moved to Singapore late last year to pursue his career.

Having built up a solid network at familiar haunts in Bandra, a suburb in Mumbai that is a melting pot of culture - with quirky restaurants and bars, and a thriving art and music scene that delves into more leftfield and alternative music - Anvesh's music taste grew with the scene.

He reminisces some of the earliest gigs he had been to in Mumbai, such as catching Dubfire in 2011 at the now-closed Blue Frog, "There was an unbelievable energy about Dubfire's set that night, and I still remember his closing track. It was 'French Kiss' by Lil' Louis. A classic."

In addition to the bustling club scene, Anvesh had attended some intimate festivals in Mumbai, one of which he most fondly remembers was Future Theory Festival. With an audience of 400 avid music fans, the 2-day festival was held in a fort on a hill outside of the city, and featured headliners such as M.A.N.D.Y and Petar Dundov.

Leaving all this behind was definitely difficult for Anvesh, he shares, "I wasn't aware of what was going on in Singapore as I didn't really read or hear much about it, aside from the obviously talked about big clubs. The first place I decided to check out here was Headquarters. I'm not interested in the fancy big clubs or that VIP treatment and attitudes, because I feel that a club is supposed to bring people together, so once I'd gone up the stairs into that dark room at Boat Quay, my first thoughts were 'Wow'."

With the discovery of what he calls a vibrant scene in Singapore - not just in terms of the plethora of international acts, but also taking into consideration the local talents who are not afraid of steering left-field and pushing new sounds - Anvesh has quickly started feeling at home amongst the like-minded punters that have been supporting the scene.

"Moving to a new country and place isn't easy for sure, but the great music around me and smiling faces I see at the gigs definitely makes it somewhat easier," Anvesh says.

So click through as this avid digger shares a playlist of his favourite tracks, featuring the cerebral acid sounds of Larry Heard, the uplifting synths and melodies of Palms Trax, the classic Detroit energy of Omar-S, and more.