The Council Consults: Chantel, Another Fond Farewell

By Tessa Mendez

The Council Consults: Chantel, Another Fond Farewell

Another farewell is on the tip of our tongues - how do we keep doing this? We'll hold on to the memories, hugs & kisses on the dancefloor, blurry pictures of silly shenanigans, and we'll hold you fondly in our hearts. 

For this week's The Council Consults, we turn to Chantel, who recently set off from our sunny little island into the streets of London to further her studies in Fine Arts and the History of Art. 

A fresh face to some of you, Chantel was not an avid follower of the scene until early this year, when she attended the debut Plastik Dreams event with ANNA. She reminisces, "Before Plastik Dreams, I found myself disenchanted with the party scene, and so that experience will forever be precious - it really opened a whole new world of music to me."

Just in time too, as she heads into the heart of the UK, surrounded a thriving nightlife scene & parties of a scale we can only dream of - think massive events such as The Warehouse Project, huge events held at spaces such as Printworks, and clubs such as fabric and Egg London - Chantel is all geared up for a new chapter in her adventure. 

Reminiscing one of her favourite nights with The Council, Chantel shared with us before she left, "The night with Lauer up on the rooftop was one of the best nights I remember having; I was in stuck in a bit of a rut with my personal life at the time, so I remember taking a step back and taking all of what was happening in that night - everyone was dancing and the energy was warm and wonderful. I woke up in the morning feeling extra blessed but it was also then when it hit me that I had to leave this familiarity behind when I move."

For now, she leaves us with a playlist of some of her favourite tracks - which we're sure will keep growing as she takes on London.

With love, from The Council, keep your chin up and your spirits higher, Keep Dancing and you're always welcome back at the HomeQuarters.