The Council Consults: Camille, Farewell For Now

By Tessa Mendez

The Council Consults: Camille, Farewell For Now

By now we have learned how transient this little red dot is - people come from all walks of life to study, work and live here - and when comes the time to bid them farewell, it is always bittersweet.

Often spotted at the front of the cage with a drink in hand and not a care in the world, Camille is a familiar face to many on the dancefloor. This week’s edition of The Council Consults sees our poster girl (literally, you would have seen her cameo on several of our event banners), share a farewell playlist that emulates her mood as she prepares to return to Paris.

“I’ve been living in Singapore for about 2 years now on a school exchange programme. In my second year here, one of my friends introduced me to HQ, and the rest was history,” she reminisces, “It’s never easy to leave a place that feels like home, and when I’m back in France I’ll definitely miss this place and all the wonderful people I’ve met here.”

Catch her for one more night of cardio at the frontlines of HQ this week as Finn & HarryC take over the decks to keep you dancing all night long. 

From the team at The Council, we wish you the very best as you go on to take Paris by storm, Camille. Goodbyes are never easy, but we are sure our paths will cross again. Always remember to 'Keep Dancing' and 'Behave Yourself'.