The Council Consults: Nadirah, In The Zone

By Tessa Mendez

The Council Consults: Nadirah, In The Zone

Have you ever been on the dancefloor, drink in hand, surrounded by familiar faces - and then you hear it, the beginning of a track that pulls you in with a thumping bassline, or a euphoric melody that embraces you like a warm hug. Before you know it, the music fills you up and you can't stop yourself from moving; that's what being in the zone is all about.

We speak to Nadirah (AKA Peanut to some of you) - a dancing queen in her own right who's always dressed as if she had just stepped off the runway and onto the dancefloor - who shares with us a playlist that puts her in the (peanut) zone.

The 'Peanut Zone' is a term that Nadirah has coined over the past few years, she explains more, "I go into a state of euphoria when I am surrounded by beautiful tunes on the dancefloor and I love my space to move freely. A lot of strangers on the dancefloor have come up to me to say never stop moving. The 'Peanut Zone' is a stimulating journey of me at my most comfortable on the dancefloor, moving and being overwhelmed by the music."

Having grown up around a whole lot of different people from various cultures, Nadirah's music taste varied across a spectrum of genres, including hip-hop introduced to her by her brother, rock 'n' roll which was introduced to her by her father, and jazz music when she did a stint of contemporary jazz dance.

Nadirah was introduced to the world of house music 14 years ago; with music being a big part of her life growing up, she's always felt that music is something that will never leave you, and one of the best feelings in the world is losing yourself on the dancefloor, and just completely surrendering to the zone.

For this week's edition of The Council Consults, Nadirah shares five tracks that put her in the zone and are very close to her heart, "The playlist I collated are some of the DJs I have watched & feel very attached to. The playlist also features a track by Ricardo Villalobos, who was the first DJ I saw perform when I first stepped into the party scene."