Shane O'Neill

By Eileen Chan

Shane O'Neill

We’ve just welcomed this Irish-native to The Council’s growing roster of resident DJs back in June, and now it's time to give Shane O’Neill a proper introduction.

With over two decades of playtime under his belt, Shane has taken the time to hone a distinctive sound that’s very much his own. Never one to shy away from sweeping strings or soaring melodies, Shane’s always armed with a groovy bassline and a bed of simmering synths, ever-ready how to work the crowd into an inexorable shuffle.

Press play and let the meandering music by Shane O’Neill slowly bring you under its spell for the next 60 minutes.


Dennis Cruz - Cookies
Gaga - Eternal
Veerus - Acid Mode On
LAAT - Justice Seizure
SCB - Test Tubes
Minio - Nebulsa
Reset Robot - Bark Orders
Paride Saraceni - Mindrush
Joran Van Pol - Immediate
Marc Maya - Purple Sky
Stephen Knight - Elephant in the Room
Archie Hamilton - Lip Service
Soul Brucke - The Secret
Olli Ryder & Luke Welsh - Pink Member
Francesco Mon - Everything