Daryl C

By Eileen Chan

Daryl C

As house music reigns supreme this month with the likes of Luca Lozano, Christopher Rau, Jasper James and many more making their Singapore debut at The Council, we’ve roped in one of our favourite house selectors, Daryl C, to lay down a good groove for us ahead of the mayhem.

With a musical attitude that’s equal parts soul, funky bass lines and a rare groove, Daryl has brought a youthful enthusiasm to classic house and has succeeded in making a genre that’s more than 3 decades old sound fresh to a new generation of dancers & punters alike.

Press play and let Daryl soundtrack your next 60 minutes with shuffling beats and disco licks that will have you smiling and grooving along.


Prequel - Lefty (Original Mix)
Cody Currie - Infinity I & II (Original Mix)
Sam Irl & Dusty - Drift
Pitto - You Treat Me Like A Fool (Original Mix)
Al Zanders - Likes For Cash
Octo Champ - Diametric
Fold - Knobbly Bobbly
Sam Weston - Lamb’s Euro Select (Straight Cut Tool)
TeeTee - Track 1
DJ Invoice - Roots In The Land
Shan - Who Run Tings (Original Mix)
7OG - #1
Let’s Play House - Didn’t I (Acid Version)
Henry - Only You Will Do (Original Piano Box Mix)
Folamour - Girl With Attitude