Julien Brochard

By Eileen Chan

Julien Brochard

As the cold fades away like the distant memory of the ice factory rave, it seems only fitting that we bring the focus back to our first resident, Julien Brochard. He’s the one who’s been there with us since the early days of our rogue operative, starting off with street-side parties and pop-up raves in hidden locations.

It’s been a pleasure watching our #TechnoWonderBoy grow from strength to strength in the past 2 years, as he immersed himself in the deeper, darker shades of techno to deliver full-throttle sets that convey a measured aggression. Having shared the stage with some of techno’s heavyweights – the likes of Rebekah, Amelie Lens, Nastia, KiNK, Barker & Baumecker & many more – it all cements his reputation as one of The Council’s finest.

You can always count on Julien Brochard to craft a deep, moody churn before he unleashes the rhythmic assaults. So press play and enjoy the next 60 minutes as he takes you on a sonic journey, from full-bodied techno to flinty acid and raspy basslines that represents the act of resistance, before paving the way for an emotional catharsis.


Monoloc - The Untold Way
Keith Carnal - Numerous
Violent - Rage For Order
Keith Carnal - Illusion
Alignment - Gravity
LaVal - No Hypocrisy
Electric Rescue - She Is ... (Original Mix)
W.LV.S - Misericordia (Original Mix)
Rabit - Tearz
LaVal - Our Turn
WLDERZ - Moments (Original Mix)
Marco Faraone - Over the Clouds (Original Mix)
Laurent Garnier - From The Crypt To The Astrofloor