By Eileen Chan


As we continue to grow, it brings us great joy to announce the latest addition to our roster of talents. DEEN may be a familiar face to many, starting first as a punter on the dance floor, before finding his way behind the decks to soundtrack many a hazy night at Headquarters and other events. A regular mainstay on the club’s programming, it was right in the cage at 66 Boat Quay where DEEN developed his brooding style of techno that is darkly affecting and strangely light all at once.

It wasn’t long before DEEN was sharing the stage with some of dance music’s brightest stars of the moment, including the likes of Charlotte de Witte, Reka, and Brassica to name just a few. If you’ve shared a night with the man himself, you’ll see how he can work the crowd into a hypnotic stomp with his sombre tones and introspective melodies, often taking the audience through a dizzying barrage of peaks and troughs, of tension and relief. And if you haven’t, press play and let this mix speak for itself. Enjoy the next 60 minutes with DEEN.


Mata Telinga - Shadow Life (Kalasan Bulan Maret 2018)
Niclas Erlandsson - Altaibergen (Brothers Black Remix)
Par Grindvik - #demand (Original Mix)
Jeff Rushin - Ordinary People (Original Mix)
Eg0n - Incoherence (Original Mix)
Vegim - Psyche (Original Mix)
Rraph - Menkar (Original Mix)
Juan Trujillo - Ritmika (Original Mix)
Oscar Mulero - Texture (Original mix)
Gary Beck - Scarlett (Original Mix)
Radio Slave, Danton Eeprom - Grindhouse feat. Danton Eeprom (Slam 'Drum' Mix)
Ø [Phase] - R-Mash (Original Mix)
Callahan - Memorex (Original Mix)
YYYY - Born To Breed (Original Mix)